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亚愽体育app客户端:有意思!嘴炮与钻石联手搞事情 还不带UFC一起玩
名称:亚愽体育app客户端:有意思!嘴炮与钻石联手搞事情 还不带UFC一起玩

If the UFC can't arrange the game for him, then Connor McGregor will personally play the matchmaker.

如果UFC无法为他安排比赛,那么Conor McGregor将亲自扮演红娘。

A few days ago, Zuipao had a public quarrel with his boss Bai Dana, and the boat of friendship turned over. Now the number one superstar intends to stand on his own and find his opponent in person.

几天前,zuipao与他的老板Bai Dana公开吵架,友谊之舟翻了过来。现在,第一超级巨星打算自己站起来,亲自找到对手。

Today, Zui Pao publicly announced on Twitter to his old opponent, the current UFC lightweight No. 2 "Diamond" Poirier, hoping that the two can have an MMA charity match.

今天,Zui Pao在Twitter上向他的老对手公开宣布了当前的UFC轻量级2号“ Diamond” Poirier,希亚愽体育app客户端望两者可以进行MMA慈善比赛。

"Hey buddy! Do you want to participate in an MMA charity competition? It has nothing to do with UFC. I will donate $500,000 in income to your charity foundation. Through PPV sales or TV broadcast, we will also Many charities that I truly recognize have cooperated. I have been committed to charity, and this will be a formal charity exhibition game."


"Point Depot in Ireland on December 12! There is no weighing ceremony, no weight class restrictions, uniform rules. I will arrange all travel expenses for you and your family, McGregor Sports Entertainment and the Good War Fund The MMA Charity Tournament jointly launched by the Association."

“ 12月12日在爱尔兰的Point Depot!没有称重仪式,没有重量级别限制,没有统一的规定。我将为您和您的家人,McGregor Sports Entertainment和Good War Fund联合组织的MMA慈善锦标赛安排所有旅行费用该协会。”

The diamond suddenly arrived by Cue was even a little bit unbelievable at first, and confirmed on Twitter "Really Connor?". Then Diamond did not hesitate for a moment, showing that he was absolutely willing to accept the game.


"Count me in! Let's do it! A lot of people will benefit from the @ good war fund. "


Regarding diamond's refreshing challenge, Mouth Cannon was very excited and gave his opponent a very high evaluation:

关于钻石令人耳目一新的挑战,Mountain Cannon非常兴奋,并给了他的对手很高的评价:

"Awesome! We can discuss this separately later, and we can proceed from now on. Dustin people are really nice! I respect your charity efforts and your performance on the court after our duel. .I respect you!"


Obviously, Mouth Cannon and Diamond are very interested in the possible duel between the two sides, but the biggest obstacle to this charity star game will come from UFC.


Both players have exclusive UFC contracts, which stipulate that they cannot participate in games outside of UFC without the company's express permission. However, there have been special cases in the past that allowed their players to participate in other events, even WWE. The most recent one was the cross-border battle between Mouth Cannon and Mayweather in 2017, but this game made Mouth Cannon and UFC a lot of money, and both sides were profitable. And this time it is difficult to predict whether the UFC will agree to the MMA match between McGregor VS Poirier, even if it is a charity match.

双方都拥有UFC独家合同,该合同规定,未经公司的明确许可,他们不能参加UFC以外的游戏。但是,过去有一些特殊情况允许其玩家参加其他事件,甚至是WWE。最近的一场是2017年Mouth Cannon与梅威瑟之间的跨界战斗,但这场比赛使Mouth Cannon和UFC赚了很多钱,双方都亚愽体育app客户端获利颇丰。这次很难预测UFC是否同意McGregor VS Poirier之间的MMA比赛,即使这是一场慈善比赛。

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