One Airport Square – Mario Cucinella

One Airport Square is the first building in Ghana to have been awarded 4-Stars (Design Stage) by the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA). The project was designed based on a detailed analysis of the site, the topographical and optimal orientation to become a point of reference and example for the new generation of office buildings in West Africa.

It is a multi-functional building of an area of approximately 17,000 square metres.  The desire for a contrast between the project area and the surrounding townscape, the rendezvous space for employees and the public received special attention. Here, the space was configured as a public square, open on the northeast side of the lot while shielded by the commercial floor, arranged as a ring (shops, restaurants, self-service catering establishments).  The square is spacious enough to host a variety of events, fairs and exhibitions.

The architectural design and aesthetic elements of the building were inspired by traditional local art and by the from the bark of the palm trees typical of that area, closely linked to environmental strategies to provide a viable solution to climate problems.

The form and layouts of the office block are the outcome of ongoing design work based on the functional requirements of the principal and the formal, structural and energy requirements specified by the multi-disciplinary design group.















The building envelope demonstrates the integration between form, structure and environmental strategies.  It is compact in form and contains within it a large hall,  the function of which is to provide lighting and to facilitate natural ventilation of the interiors. Variation of depth of the shafts determines the configuration of three office types: maxi, midi and mini. A defining element of the building is the movement generated by the projecting terraces, which gradually recede as they rise, floor by floor. These section variations enable increased flexibility in configuring the environments in accordance with the varying requirements of prospective tenants.

The sum of all these elements in One Airport Square was determined by a work of integrated design that balances architectural and engineering considerations in order to reduce energy consumption of the building and optimize the use of natural light. The most advanced technologies are balanced with the local tradition, using the most efficient design. All of these elements come together to bring about a new idea of beauty: ecological beauty.


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