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Bedroom Accents

1. Suspension pendant lights: These small tube light fittings are simple with clean lines. Yet they give depth to the space, and serve as great accents that create focus within the space.

2. Wall panels: They are a great solution if you have an ugly, problem wall that

needs covering or if you simply want to add architectural interest, texture and shape to a room.

3. Upholstered slim fluff bed: this bed has a lightweight appearance, an especially slim thickness, and a pure silhouette. The

softness of the headboard focuses attention in the bedroom.

4. Oval Side table: The tulip side table is an iconic design that came out of the mid-century modern era. This is a delectable

decorative accent that comes in a large choice of table tops and base finishes.

5. Ceiling fit curtains: These curtains are installed into a window reveal or a recess in the ceiling. It creates a flush floor-to-ceiling curtain which is modern, sleek and accentuates the height of the room.

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TABLES – 5 types of coffee tables designers love.

Coffee and cocktail tables are the anchor of a seating arrangement, and are usually front and centre in our most important and frequented spots in the home. We have put together this round up of 5 variations for you to choose from.

Tribal Carved table:

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It is a magnificent way to add tone, texture and visual interest to your space. It makes an artful impact, while functioning as a useful platform in your living or family room.

Square coffee table:parsons-square-coffee-table-with-travertine-top copy

Basic, essential and timeless, the Parsonsstyle table is an icon of modern design. Defined by a simple frame of square legs floating a table top in any finish for a look that beautifully marries form and function.

Oval coffee table:clairemont-coffee-table copy

The large round shape doesn’t work for every space, so an oval shaped one saves more space. Oval tables have a refined, elegant Art Deco look from the 1920’s.

Gold leafed coffee table: Gold-Coffee-Table-With-Marble-Top-1024x769 copy

Consider golden embodiments to get a maximum effect that can blends with your chandelier or furniture handles. It is less pretentious if it is used on different surfaces, and works best and when trying to add gold gilded accents to a room.

Retangular framed coffee table:

Alana-Rectangular-Coffee-Table-with-Acacia-Wood-Top-836-055ACG copy

Simple shapes and a minimalist metal frame makes this furniture ideal for a modern interior. But this occasional table is versatile enough for casual and classic rooms, too.

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