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Wooden Accents

Kieran Kinsella Stump stool

Kieran’s Stump stools and tables are made in her Hudson Valley studio, beautifully carved from the trunks of trees using locally sourced and salvaged hardwoods. The shapes are always evolving.

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Snake Ranch Lamp made by Noriyuki Ebina

The Japanese furniture designer’s work is characterized by strong Scandinavian influences, a thorough understanding of hardwoods, soft lines and subtle curves. The snake ranch lamp is a contemporary Japanese take on mid- century modern furniture.


Woody Endless Pendant By Jason Miller, from Roll and Hill

Woody Endless is a modular LED lighting system inspired by wooden ship masts of the 1970’s. It is made of half-cylinder sections that can be joined end to end, and can be used as a traditional pendant or to define spaces. Offered here in white acrylic topped with oak, it provides ambient illumination as a light fixture but also adds as architectural element.

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Valerie Chair by Miniforms

This chair is made entirely in curved wood. It is an expression of the epitome of sitting, both in material and form. The composition develops the contrast between the essential language of its wooden structure and function and comes in a collection with matching tables and consoles.

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