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Made By Design 2016

During the first week of November this year, we had our first interior design show, Made by Design, which brought together various people, from Interior designers to Architects together under one roof.

It was a perfect place for networking and for luxury design enthusiasts who wish to actively showcase a high level of affluence and their success in luxury business

We indeed create “A Small World of Beautiful “things” and in doing so, created a world-class presentation of the complete and ultimate luxury design, hospitality and property industry brands in one venue.



Design Now

Design Now 2016

October 2016, we had our first ever Design Now Exhibition; featuring different artists and designers in Lagos.

Essential Interiors in collaboration with Treasure House Fine Arts Gallery and Design Museum curated a Design exhibition as part of the Muson festival 2016. It was a three day event over the course of two weeks and it held a spotlight on art, design, and architecture.

Our exhibitors included Caxton Alile Living, Quintessence, Posh Galleria, Damola Rufai, Interior Living, Mosun Phone Cases, Ile Ila- House of Lines, and Nike Art Gallery



Osaru Alile holds an Associate of Arts (AA) degree and Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design (BFA ) degree in Interior Design. She co-founded Caxton Alile; a pro-African creative force and founding company of Caxton Alile Living. Caxton Alile Living recently launched their most recent lighting collection, the “Candy Collection”. The Candy Collection features a good selection of table lamps and wall sconce-shades designed to leave you with more than one favourite.


He is a designer/artist with an educational background in architecture. He believes design pervades everything we do and he tries to bring that perspective into every project he works on. His works strive to walk the line between art and design by not only being aesthetically pleasing, engaging objects but by also exploring possible functional design concepts.


Olufisayo Bakare is a multiple award winner within the creative sector.  She is the pioneer of Interior Living (IL) and she believes that Africa’s cultural diversity is a strength that must be harnessed in highlighting the African essence even within the built space.   The items in IL’s Ethnic Cleansing collection have been carefully curated to show everyday-objects found around the typical African home.


Quintessence is an outfit that has been running to promote and develop African arts and crafts. It creates enabling environment for local content. Quintessence is the most exclusive department store and gallery, with a wide range of authentic arts, crafts, textiles and furnishing. Their collection is as a result of experience, fieldwork and research. Prominent in their stock are textiles of all kinds and they include woven fabrics like aso-oke.

Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is an art gallery in Lagos owned by Nike Davies-Okundaye. The gallery is arguably the largest of its kind in West Africa. Housed in a five-storey building, it boasts a collection of about 8,000 diverse artworks from various Nigerian artists.


African themed throw pillows and poufs with unique, bold and captivating prints best describe the offering from Posh Galleria.


Made By Design Exhibition

MADE BY DESIGN is an exclusive event that caters to key players in the luxury home and hospitality market featuring curated, exquisitely crafted home products and luxury brands uniquely integrated by top suppliers and sheltered within a venue that provides an authentic peer group collaboration and networking experience. The event is crafted specifically for luxury design enthusiasts who wish to actively showcase a high level of affluence and their success in luxury business.


Our mission is to bring together the nation’s most prized and unique collection of luxury products, services and experiences for the world’s most discerning clientele. To create “A Small World of Beautiful “things” and in doing so, create a world-class presentation of the complete and ultimate luxury design, hospitality and property industry brands in one venue.

The event is backed by the powerful legacy of Essential Interiors Magazine. Our gold standard events and years in interior design business expertise ensures that this experience fills the particular needs relevant to luxury and hospitality providers in a most eloquent and powerful way. Made By Design is dedicated in unifying Nigeria’s elite with the most exclusive luxury properties, hospitality products and services in Nigeria.

Design Now News

Design Now Exhibition

As part of the festivities of the Muson Festival 2016, Treasure House Fine Arts Gallery in collaboration with Design Museum are curating a Design exhibition which will be showcased as a special highlight of this year’s festival.

Muson Festival 2016

Activities taking place at the Muson Festival 2016 include: music, literature, theatre, visual arts, lm, fashion, food, seminars, exhibitions, lectures and panel discussions.

About the Exhibition

A special highlight for this year’s Muson Festival 2016 is a product design exhibition themed “Design Now”. We saw the need for a platform to promote new work by Nigerian product designers locally and in the international scene at the very top end, and to showcase it collectively to the public and the private sectors. We have invited a selection of the very best Nigerian designers, artists, architects and upcoming talents to provide original pieces for the exhibition at Muson Centre.

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Bedroom Accents

1. Suspension pendant lights: These small tube light fittings are simple with clean lines. Yet they give depth to the space, and serve as great accents that create focus within the space.

2. Wall panels: They are a great solution if you have an ugly, problem wall that

needs covering or if you simply want to add architectural interest, texture and shape to a room.

3. Upholstered slim fluff bed: this bed has a lightweight appearance, an especially slim thickness, and a pure silhouette. The

softness of the headboard focuses attention in the bedroom.

4. Oval Side table: The tulip side table is an iconic design that came out of the mid-century modern era. This is a delectable

decorative accent that comes in a large choice of table tops and base finishes.

5. Ceiling fit curtains: These curtains are installed into a window reveal or a recess in the ceiling. It creates a flush floor-to-ceiling curtain which is modern, sleek and accentuates the height of the room.

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ikea-stockholm-side-table__0092031_PE228305_S4-1-430x358 copy

basketweave-silver-grey-panel-48x120 copy

TABLES – 5 types of coffee tables designers love.

Coffee and cocktail tables are the anchor of a seating arrangement, and are usually front and centre in our most important and frequented spots in the home. We have put together this round up of 5 variations for you to choose from.

Tribal Carved table:

17666_XXX_v1 copy

It is a magnificent way to add tone, texture and visual interest to your space. It makes an artful impact, while functioning as a useful platform in your living or family room.

Square coffee table:parsons-square-coffee-table-with-travertine-top copy

Basic, essential and timeless, the Parsonsstyle table is an icon of modern design. Defined by a simple frame of square legs floating a table top in any finish for a look that beautifully marries form and function.

Oval coffee table:clairemont-coffee-table copy

The large round shape doesn’t work for every space, so an oval shaped one saves more space. Oval tables have a refined, elegant Art Deco look from the 1920’s.

Gold leafed coffee table: Gold-Coffee-Table-With-Marble-Top-1024x769 copy

Consider golden embodiments to get a maximum effect that can blends with your chandelier or furniture handles. It is less pretentious if it is used on different surfaces, and works best and when trying to add gold gilded accents to a room.

Retangular framed coffee table:

Alana-Rectangular-Coffee-Table-with-Acacia-Wood-Top-836-055ACG copy

Simple shapes and a minimalist metal frame makes this furniture ideal for a modern interior. But this occasional table is versatile enough for casual and classic rooms, too.

Editor's Select

Wooden Accents

Kieran Kinsella Stump stool

Kieran’s Stump stools and tables are made in her Hudson Valley studio, beautifully carved from the trunks of trees using locally sourced and salvaged hardwoods. The shapes are always evolving.

KieranKinsella_12.14_3 copy

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Snake Ranch Lamp made by Noriyuki Ebina

The Japanese furniture designer’s work is characterized by strong Scandinavian influences, a thorough understanding of hardwoods, soft lines and subtle curves. The snake ranch lamp is a contemporary Japanese take on mid- century modern furniture.


Woody Endless Pendant By Jason Miller, from Roll and Hill

Woody Endless is a modular LED lighting system inspired by wooden ship masts of the 1970’s. It is made of half-cylinder sections that can be joined end to end, and can be used as a traditional pendant or to define spaces. Offered here in white acrylic topped with oak, it provides ambient illumination as a light fixture but also adds as architectural element.

tumblr_nw40yuXk7Y1smzgg8o4_1280 copy

prodotti-61241-rel7a75de0dc56879d2d37f3edcfe9f62f6 copy


Valerie Chair by Miniforms

This chair is made entirely in curved wood. It is an expression of the epitome of sitting, both in material and form. The composition develops the contrast between the essential language of its wooden structure and function and comes in a collection with matching tables and consoles.